MAPS (Mid America Paleontology Society), Sponsor of National Fossil Exposition


Paleo Prospectors is donating a dinosaur dig trip for the live auction Saturday evening, April 6th, 2013!

  • The dig is for 1 week in June or July of 2014 (choice of approximately three different weeks).

  • Possible digs may be in North Dakota, South Dakota or Wyoming.

  • You will be able to keep almost everything that you find (up to a maximum of $4,000.00).

  • Only individual bones valued at over $1,500.00 and articulated bones are excluded.

  • In all cases, however, if you cannot keep your find, you will receive a finder's fee of three percent after the final sale of the object.

  • In most cases each participant finds several hundred bone fragments, ten or so mostly complete bones and an occasional tooth and claw.

  • The minimum bid has yet to be determined.

  • If you are not able to attend Expo but would like to bid on the trip, proxy bids can be e-mailed to Expo chair Tom Williams - (815) 223-9638.

  • Payment may be made in 4 installments.

  • For more information on Paleo Prospectors digs, check out their website.


MAPS attendees survery the auction lots prior to the start of the action.

One of the webmasters got this Eocene Green River Fish for a song at auction!

This fossil really bites - a set of Mosasaur jaws up for auction!

Ridiculously large echinoids often turn up at auction!

This nifty enrolled specimen of the trilobite Keyseiops was auctioned off in 2007.

Really rare fossils, such as this brittlestar can also be had at auction!

Each year at 7:30 Saturday night during Expo, we have a spirited Live Auction. Items vary from T Rex teeth to books, ammonites to crinoids, and even a Dinosaur collecting trip! Prices can range from $1 up to $1000! Approximately 100 high quality items are up for auction each year.

All proceeds from the Auctions are non-profit. They go to support the various scholarship funds designated by MAPS! Take the chance to win some cool items for yourself and support a good cause!

Another jaw dropping item!

There's always a rotten egg in the bunch - this dinosaur egg went up for sale in 2007!

Who needs a dentist? Not sharks - break all you want, there's always another tooth ready to snap in!

You can count on an array of cephalopods to be available as well.

No matter how hard you polish a coprolite, it's still a coprolite!

Silent auctions go on throughout the day at Expo - proceeds from them also benefit the scholarship funds designated by MAPS!