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MAPS Expo Digests

Expo Digests since 2009 which are no longer in print are now available as free PDF files. Clickable links for Expo Digests 2009-2013 PDFs are below.
Paper copies of Expo Digests from 2014-17 are still available for purchase to the general public. To purchase hard copies of any Digests, please send a list of which ones you would like, and a check for $7.50 per copy to:

Jim Preslicka
1439 Plum Street
Iowa City, IA
  • 2017 - The Silurian, 126 Pages Paper copies are available, at $7.50 each.

    A Brief Introduction to the Silurian Period - John A Catalani
    The Thornton Silurian Reef - Thomas Williams
    A New Trilobite from the Bob? - Rick Poropat and John Stade
    Silurian Trilobites from Southern Illinois and Missouri - Gerald Kloc
    The Trilobites of Caleb Quarry - Michael Lask
    On the Trail of the Elusive Eurypterids - James G Cox, PHD
    Macrofossils of the Silurian Massie (Osgood) Shale of Southeast Indiana - Don Bissett
    Eucalyptocrinites -- Silurian Crinoid from the Waldron - Thomas Williams
    The Silurian Blastoid Genus Troosticrinus - Alex Fabian
    Silurian Crinoids of Anticosti Island, Quebec - David Clark
    Fossil Echinoderms of the Middle Silurian in North America: An Age of Crinoids and 'Anachronistic' Faunas - Carlton E Brett and James Thomka

  • 2016 - The Mesozoic, 74 Pages Paper copies are available, at $7.50 each.

    A Century and a Half of Dinosaur Discoveries in Alberta - Philip J Currie
    Hadrosaur Footprint Recovered from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana - Rick Poropat and Carl Campbell
    Rise and Fall of Reef Forming Rudist Clams - Thomas C Williams
    Mesozoic Ammonoids: The Beginning and the End - John A Catalani
    Uintacrinus: Floater or Bottom Dweller - Thomas C Williams
    The Mesozoic of Iowa - Robert Charles Wolf
    Implications of the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary in Southeastern Missouri - Rick Poropat

  • 2015 - The Cenozoic, 74 Pages Paper copies are available, at $7.50 each.

    The Fossil Fish of Green River - Lance Grande
    Little Fossil Fish All Look the Same, or How to Successfully Identify Green River Herrings - Ted Hermann
    Articulate Crinoids of the Cenozoic - Thomas Williams
    Cenozoic Nautiloids - John A Catalani
    The McAbee Fossil Beds Heritage Site - Rick Poropat
    Florida's Plio-Pleistocene and the Caloosahatchee Formation of South Florida - Irene Broede
    Detailed Stratigraphy of a Classic Plio-Pleistocene Marine Expoasure in Sarasota, Florida - Robert C Frey

  • 2014 - The Mississippian, 102 Pages Paper copies are available, at $7.50 each.

    Introduction to the Mississippian of North America - Chris Cozart
    Faunal Turnover During the Age of Crinoids - Forest J Gahn
    Phanocrinus Specimen - Thomas Williams
    Zeacrinites - Thomas Williams
    Blastoids of the Osagean Burlington Limestone and Closely Allied Formations - Alex Fabian
    Floraville: A Classic Mississippian Locality - Rick Poropat
    The Mississippian Fort Payne Formation - John A Catalani
    Xenacanthimorph Teeth from the Haney Limestone (Mississippian, Chesterian) of Southern Illinois - David Carlson
    Fossils of the Des Moines River in Humboldt, Iowa - Merla Ayres
    The Land That Fossils Built - Clay Chesney

  • 2013 - The Devonian (10.5MB PDF File) A Brief Introduction to the Devonian Period - John A Catalani
    Amonoids from the Devonian of Iowa - James E Preslicka, Charles R Newsom, & Thomas E Blume
    Fossil Lagerstatten of New York, II. The Cephalopods of the Cherry Valley Limestone - Thomas E Whiteley and Gerald J Kloc
    On the Trail of Devonian Goniatite Cephalopods in New York State - William Kirchgasser
    Heliophyllum, New York's Classic Devonian Coral - James E Sorauf and William A Oliver, Jr.
    Calcocrinoids of the Devonian and Early Mississippian - Thomas Williams
    Interaction among Devonain Sea Life Preserved in the Jeffersonville and Sellersburg Limestone, Clark County, Indiana and Jefferson and Oldham Counties, Kentucky - Alan Goldstein
    Long Before Cayuga's Waters: The Spectacular Devonian Geology and Paleontology of the Ithaca, New York Region - Stephanie Sang, Warren D Allmon, and Carlton E Brett
    Devonian Outliers of the Ozarks of Missouri - Bruce L Stinchcomb
    The Mercellus Shale: Why Devonian Geology Matters Today - Kelly E Cronin

  • 2012 - The Pennsylvanian (13.1MB PDF File) Introduction to the Pennsylvanian of North America - Chris Cozart
    Paleontology of a Late Pennsylvanian Quarry: Part 1 - Stratigraphy - David Carlson
    Paleontology of a Late Pennsylvanian Quarry: Part 2 - Gastropods - David Carlson
    Pennsylvanian Nautiloids of the Midcontinent - John A Catalani
    Pennsylvanian Crinoids of Illinois - Thomas Williams
    Notable Pennsylvanian Localities and Paleobiotas in Knox and Peoria Counties, Illinois - Merrill W Foster
    Pennsylvanian Fossils from McCoy, Colorado - Dennis Gertenbach and Steven Reinhold
    Additions to the Pennsylvanian Fossils of North Texas at Lake Bridgeport - John McLeod and Mark McKinzie
    A Window into a Catastophic Coal Age Flood Event: The Mazonian Fossil Bonanza - Charles Shabica and Gordon C Baird
    The Concretion Conundrum: Current Research at Mazon Creek - David Dolak and Victoria McCoy
    The Monster from Illinois - John A Catalani
    Horseshoe Crabs and their Relatives in the Pennsylvanian of the Midcontinent - Scott McKenzie
    An Early Pennsylvanian Mystery - Robert Charles Wolf

  • 2011 - The Cretaceous (8.0MB PDF File) A Stratigraphic reappraisal of the Cretaceous Exposure at Black Powder Hollow, Alexander Co, Illinois - David Carlson
    The Ardeola, Missouri Cretacous locality - Bruce L Stinchcomb
    Uintacrinus, Floater or Bottom Dweller - Thomas C Williams
    Nautiloids v Ammonoids: Winners and Losers - John A Catalani
    Mesozoic coleoids: Fossil squids and cuttlefish - Scott McKenzie
    Turtles of the Cretaceous Period - David A Hutchison
    Mosasaurs of the Pierre Seaway - Thomas C Williams
    Dragons of Kansas: the Mosasaurs of the Smoky Hill Chalk - Michael T Payne
    Giant Cretaceous Pterosaurs in the Air and on the Ground - John A Catalani
    Fifteen Years of Observations of an Archaeologist in the Hell Creek - Steven Nicklas
    A Dinosaur Tail - Rob Sula
    The Nightmare Before the Cenozoic - Scott McKenzie

  • 2010 - The Ordovician (8.2MB PDF File) The Ordovician - An Introduction - John A. Catalani
    Size Does Matter - The Giant Nautiloids of the Arctic Ordovician Fauna - Robert C. Frey
    Late Ordovician Trilobites from the Upper Mississippian Valley - Robert E. Sloan
    Research in the Cincinnatian Series (Upper Ordovician) Through Space and Time - Katherine V. Bulinski
    The Platteville Molluscan Fauna - John A. Catalani
    Always Serious About Cephalopods - James E. Preslicka
    Receptaculids the Forgotten Reef Builder - Thomas C. Williams
    Fossils of the Van Buren Formation and the Cambrian - Ordovician Boundary of Missouri - Bruce L. Stinchcomb
    Ordovician Trilobite with Possible Calcified Muscles - Scott McKenzie

  • 2009 - Crinoids (4.1MB PDF File) Introduction to Crinoids - Chris Cozart
    These are Not the Crinoids Your Daddy Knew - William I. Ausich
    150 Years of Collecting Crinoids at the University of Iowa Paleontology Repository - Tiffany Adrain
    A Crinoid Bank in the Mississippian of Eastern North America - Tom Williams
    Cambrian Crinoids - Bruce Stinchcomb
    Crinoid Collecting in the Burlington Limestone - Forest J Gahn