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National Fossil Expo 40

Sharpless Auctions Facility, IOWA CITY, IA

Dates & Topic for EXPO 2018

     The theme for Expo 2018 will be the

Permian AND Triassic Periods

and the show will run from

Friday, April 6th to Sunday, April 8th, 2018.

The keynote speaker is Margaret Frasier of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She will present

"Earth's Largest Extinction and Life's Recovery"

at 6:00PM on Friday, April 6, 2018.

Visit the News page for a full schedule of events at Expo 2018!!

     The MAPS EXPO Show will be held April 6 - April 8, 2018, at the Sharpless Auction facility just north of I-80 at Exit 249. The Hotel Pre-Show is scheduled to occupy the Clarion Hotel north of I-80 at Exit 246 on North Dodge Street about 3 mi from Sharpless Auctions. Both venues are located in Iowa City, Iowa.

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Your stories are needed for the Digest Newsletter!

     One comment that popped up from a lot of folks at Expo was that people would enjoy seeing more frequent club newsletters. To do that, we need YOUR STORIES - the Digest Newsletter is member driven, and submissions have dropped off in recent years.
     The stories do not need to be fancy ultra-scientific things! Such simple topics as a favorite fossil collecting trip story, or a description of some great fossil find of yours would be just the sort of thing we could use in the newsletter!
     Submit your pictures too - really cool ones just might end up on the cover!
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Crinoid fossil found on a club trip to Klein Quarry in Coralville, IA in rocks of the Cedar Valley Group in October 2008 by MAPS member Dennis Sievers. Prepared by MAPS member Karl Stuekerjuergen. Middle Devonian in age - approx 375 million years old.