MAPS (Mid America Paleontology Society), Sponsor of National Fossil Exposition

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Joining the Mid-America Paleontology Society is easy and beneficial.

To become a MAPS member, simply follow these easy steps:

     1. See our About Us page if you would like more information on the society.

     2. Print out the membership application form: PDF or GIF

     3. Fill out the form completely.

     4. Mail it to the address at the top of the form.


The Mid America Paleontology Society (MAPS) was formed to promote popular interest in the subject of paleontology; to encourage the proper collecting, study, preparation, and display of fossil material; and to assist other individuals, groups, and institutions interested in the various aspects of paleontology. It is a non-profit society incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa.

Membership in MAPS is open to anyone, anywhere who is sincerely interested in fossils and the aims of the Society.

Membership fee: $20 per household covers one year's issues of DIGESTS. All Canadian and Overseas members receive the DIGEST by air letter post. For new members and those who renew more than 3 issues past their due date, the year begins with the first available issue. Institution or Library fee is $25. (Payments other than those stated will be pro-rated over the year's DIGEST issues. Also please note that depending on the time of year, there may be a lag time of 8-12 weeks for membership payments to be deposited.)

Membership application form: PDF or GIF